Exploring under–appreciated aspects of the American West, Boorda chooses widely varying scenes from trees and waterscapes robustly colored by a low sun, to monochromatic desert mountains and sparse treescapes disciplined by the harsher side of nature, to farm scenes assembled with a nearly oriental quietude.

"What I endeavor to put into my paintings is the strangeness and wonder of being alive in the presence of the natural world. When I finish a painting, I want to feel that I am there, at that particular moment, so that you the viewer may stand with me, and breathe it in again.

"Moreover, I concern myself with our increasingly fragile endowment of natural beauty. We humans have been hard on the land and water, but the world still speaks softly to us with its wonderous luminosity. I try to speak back in my work; to the echos of our beginnings and the essential worth of vouchsafing the staggering beauty we have left. My paintings are prayers in honor of the glory that remains..."

Jerry E. Boorda

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